Intelligent Antibody Discovery


Abeome Receives Grant for AbeoMouse™ Technology

March 1, 2013

Athens, GA – Abeome has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with Enzo Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ENZO) to distribute core technology (DiSH™) and related growth media components in the form of kits to Enzo’s worldwide network of life science customers. Abeome’s products distributed by Enzo are available here:

About DiSH™: Direct Selection of Hybrdomas (DiSH™) is a system in which mAb-secreting hybridoma cells co-express significant amounts of the membrane form of the secreted immunoglobulin (lg) on their surfaces. Subsequently, hybridomas with high affinity for the target antigen are labeled. Once labeled, they can be isolated from among a pool of hundreds of thousands of cells in a matter of hours using fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) or magnetic separation. The total elapsed time from harvest to the first screening is typically 25 days, resulting in improved efficiency for detection of highly specific mAbs.


• Permits rapid selection and cloning of antigen specific hybridomas via FACS

• Eliminates costly and time consuming in vitro cells

About Abeome: Abeome is a privately-held antibody discovery company focused on the high throughput selection, analysis and synthesis of monoclonal antibodies with a primary objective to develop best-in-class prescription products for the therapeutic antibody market – the fastest growing segment of global drug sales. For more information, please visit


AbeoMouse™and DiSH™,are registered trademarks of Abeome Corporation.